Cable Concentration Curl

Cable Concentration Curl

The Cable Concentration Curl is a fantastic exercise to target and isolate your biceps, helping you achieve that sought-after definition and arm strength. This exercise primarily focuses on the brachialis muscle, which lies underneath the biceps and contributes to overall arm thickness. By using a cable machine, the resistance remains constant throughout the movement, providing a consistent challenge to your biceps. To perform the Cable Concentration Curl, you'll need a low-pulley cable machine with a single hand attachment. Begin by sitting on a bench with your legs spread apart, ensuring stability. Place your working arm's elbow against the inside of your corresponding thigh, allowing your arm to hang in a straight position. Grab the cable attachment firmly with an underhand grip, keeping your palm facing upwards. As you exhale, slowly curl your arm, bringing your hand towards your shoulder while keeping your upper arm stationary against your thigh. Squeeze your bicep at the top of the movement for a brief moment before slowly lowering the weight back down to the starting position. Throughout the exercise, your upper arm should remain still, focusing the tension solely on your biceps. Remember, control is key during the Cable Concentration Curl. Avoid using momentum or swinging your arm to lift the weight. Instead, concentrate on a slow and controlled movement, engaging your biceps fully with each repetition. Adjust the weight according to your strength level, aiming for a challenging but manageable load. Incorporate the Cable Concentration Curl into your arm workout routine to sculpt, strengthen, and define your biceps. Remember to always warm up before any exercise and consult with a fitness professional for personalized guidance and modifications to suit your abilities and goals. Let's get those biceps working!


  • Sit on a bench or chair in front of a cable machine.
  • Attach a single handle to the low pulley of the cable machine.
  • Grab the handle with an underhand grip using your right hand.
  • Position your upper arm against the inside of your right thigh.
  • Keep your back straight and your feet planted firmly on the ground.
  • Exhale and curl the handle upward, contracting your biceps.
  • Continue lifting until your forearm is fully contracted and your bicep is fully flexed.
  • Pause for a moment at the top of the movement, squeezing your bicep.
  • Inhale and slowly lower the handle back to the starting position, fully extending your arm.
  • Repeat the movement for the desired number of repetitions.
  • Switch sides and perform the exercise with your left arm.

Tips & Tricks

  • Maintain proper form throughout the exercise.
  • Focus on contracting your bicep muscles as you curl the cable.
  • Start with lighter weights and gradually increase the resistance to avoid injury.
  • Engage your core to stabilize your body during the movement.
  • Control the movement and avoid swinging your arm to get momentum.
  • Breathe properly, exhaling as you curl and inhaling as you lower the cable.
  • Perform the exercise at a slow and controlled pace for maximum effectiveness.
  • Don't forget to warm up before starting the exercise to prevent muscle strains.
  • Gradually increase the number of sets and repetitions as you get stronger.
  • Consider incorporating other exercises that target the biceps to enhance overall arm strength.


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