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Core Power: Sculpt with Heel Touches, Crab Twists, & Planks

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This workout is designed to target your core muscles through a variety of dynamic exercises. Each movement aims to engage different parts of your abdominal region for a comprehensive core workout. By focusing on control and precision, these exercises will help improve your balance, stability, and core strength.

The workout begins with the 90 Degree Heel Touch, where you'll lie on your back with knees bent and slightly lift your upper body, reaching your hands towards each heel for 10 reps on each side. This is followed by the 90 Degree Alternate Heel Touch, which challenges your oblique muscles by requiring you to alternate the sides you touch, promoting coordination and side-to-side core engagement. Both exercises will be performed for 3 sets each.

Next, you'll move on to the Crab Twist Toe Touch for 3 sets of 10 reps, focusing on the rotation of your torso and the engagement of your lower abdominals. Finally, you'll perform the Front Plank with a Twist, which adds a rotational movement to the classic plank, further challenging your core stability and strength. This exercise also promises to engage your shoulders and obliques for a full core workout. Remember to focus on form and engage your core throughout each exercise for the best results.

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  • #Exercise / Sets
    190 Degree Heel Touch3 sets • 10 reps
    90 Degree Heel Touch
    290 Degree Alternate Heel Touch3 sets • 10 reps
    90 Degree Alternate Heel Touch
    3Crab Twist Toe Touch3 sets • 10 reps
    Crab Twist Toe Touch
    4Front Plank with a Twist3 sets • 10 reps
    Front Plank with a Twist

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