EZ Barbell Reverse grip Preacher Curl

EZ Barbell Reverse grip Preacher Curl

The EZ Barbell Reverse Grip Preacher Curl is a fantastic exercise that targets your biceps, specifically the brachialis muscle. This exercise is performed on a preacher curl bench using an EZ barbell with an underhand, or supinated, grip. The reverse grip engages different muscle fibers compared to the traditional bicep curls, making it a valuable addition to your arm-training routine. By using the preacher curl bench, you stabilize your upper arms, isolating the brachialis muscle as the primary mover. The brachialis is located underneath the biceps and plays a crucial role in arm flexion. Strengthening the brachialis not only aids in overall bicep development but also helps improve your lifting movements for exercises like deadlifts, rows, and pull-ups. When performing the EZ Barbell Reverse Grip Preacher Curl, it's important to maintain proper form. Keep your chest against the bench, ensuring stability throughout the movement. Avoid using excessive momentum, as this exercise is about controlled contraction and extension of the biceps. To maximize the benefits of this exercise, consider incorporating a variety of rep ranges and weights into your training routine. This will help promote strength, hypertrophy, and muscular endurance. As always, remember to adjust the weight according to your fitness level and gradually increase the load as you progress. Remember, consistency is key when it comes to seeing results from any exercise. Incorporating the EZ Barbell Reverse Grip Preacher Curl into your arm-training routine will help you build stronger, more defined biceps and contribute to overall upper body strength. Happy lifting!


  • Position yourself on a preacher bench, sitting with your chest pressed against the pad.
  • Place your upper arms on the pad and grab the EZ barbell with an underhand, shoulder-width grip.
  • Fully extend your arms, allowing the weight to hang down towards the floor.
  • Keeping your upper arms stationary, curl the weight up towards your shoulders, exhaling as you lift.
  • Pause briefly at the top of the movement, squeezing your biceps.
  • Slowly lower the weight back down to the starting position, inhaling as you lower.
  • Repeat the movement for the desired number of reps.

Tips & Tricks

  • Start with lightweight and focus on getting the form right before increasing the weight.
  • Engage your biceps by squeezing them throughout the entire movement.
  • Maintain a controlled and slow tempo to fully isolate the muscles.
  • Don't lean back or use momentum to lift the weight; keep your back against the preacher bench.
  • Exhale as you curl the weight up and inhale as you lower it down.
  • Ensure that your elbows are fully extended before beginning each rep.
  • Add variety to your routine by incorporating different grip positions, such as wide or narrow grip.
  • Gradually increase the weight over time to continuously challenge your muscles and promote growth.
  • Listen to your body and rest when needed to avoid overtraining or injury.
  • Include other exercises targeting the biceps in your workout routine for overall muscle development.


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