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Cable One Arm Side Triceps Pushdown

Cable One Arm Side Triceps Pushdown

The Cable One Arm Side Triceps Pushdown is a fantastic exercise for targeting and sculpting the muscles of the triceps, which are located on the back of the upper arms. This exercise is usually performed using a cable machine, where you attach a single handle to the machine's pulley system. By executing the Cable One Arm Side Triceps Pushdown, you effectively isolate and engage the triceps muscles, helping to strengthen and develop them. This exercise primarily focuses on the lateral head of the triceps, aiding in achieving a well-rounded arm appearance. Engaging in triceps exercises like the Cable One Arm Side Triceps Pushdown not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the arms but also provides functional benefits in everyday activities like pushing objects away from the body. Strong triceps also offer stability and support to the shoulders and elbows during various upper body movements. Remember to always use proper form during this exercise to maximize its benefits and minimize the risk of injury. Integrate the Cable One Arm Side Triceps Pushdown into your strength training routine to effectively enhance your triceps muscle development and achieve well-toned arms.


  • Stand in front of a cable machine with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Grasp the cable handle with one hand, palms facing down, and lift it up to shoulder height.
  • Keep your elbow tucked in close to your body and your upper arm stationary throughout the exercise.
  • Take a step to the side to create tension in the cable.
  • Extend your arm down towards your side, fully straightening your elbow, while keeping your upper arm still.
  • Pause momentarily at the bottom of the movement.
  • Slowly return to the starting position by bending your elbow and allowing your forearm to move upward.
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions and then switch arms.

Tips & Tricks

  • Focus on maintaining a strong and stable core throughout the exercise.
  • Engage your triceps by fully extending your arm to effectively target the muscle.
  • As you lift the cable, concentrate on squeezing your triceps at the top of the movement.
  • Keep your elbow stationary and close to your body to isolate the triceps.
  • Perform the exercise in a slow and controlled manner to maximize muscle engagement.
  • Ensure that your grip is secure on the handle to maintain proper form and prevent injury.
  • Remember to breathe properly throughout the movement to maintain oxygen flow to your muscles.
  • Gradually increase the resistance as you get stronger to continue challenging your triceps.
  • Stay consistent with your workouts and incorporate a variety of tricep exercises for balanced development.
  • Give yourself adequate rest between sets to allow your muscles to recover and prevent overexertion.

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