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Glutes Home Workout

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This workout focuses on strengthening and sculpting the glutes, while also engaging the core muscles for stability and balance. The bent leg kickback, performed while kneeling, targets the gluteus maximus and hamstrings, helping to improve hip extension and lower body strength. The bent leg side kick challenges the gluteus medius, which is important for hip stability and preventing injury. The straight leg kickback further activates the glutes and hamstrings, while the rear decline bridge targets the entire posterior chain, including the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back, to improve overall strength and stability. By incorporating these exercises into your routine, you can effectively tone and define your glute muscles while also enhancing functional strength and mobility.

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  • #Exercise / Sets
    1Bent Leg Kickback (kneeling)3 sets • 10 reps
    Bent Leg Kickback (kneeling)
    2Bent Leg Side Kick (kneeling)3 sets • 10 reps
    Bent Leg Side Kick (kneeling)
    3Straight Leg Kickback (kneeling)3 sets • 10 reps
    Straight Leg Kickback (kneeling)
    4Rear Decline Bridge3 sets • 10 reps
    Rear Decline Bridge

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