Push-up to Side Plank

Push-up to Side Plank

The Push-up to Side Plank is a challenging and effective exercise that targets multiple muscle groups in your upper body, core, and stabilizer muscles. This dynamic movement combines the classic push-up with the side plank, providing a comprehensive workout that can help improve strength, stability, and muscular endurance. Starting in a high plank position, with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your body aligned in a straight line from head to heels, lower yourself down into a push-up by bending your elbows and keeping them close to your body. Push back up to the starting position, but as you do, shift your weight to one hand and rotate your body into a side plank. Extend your top arm towards the ceiling while keeping your core engaged and your hips lifted. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side. The Push-up to Side Plank is an excellent exercise for building upper body and core strength. It engages the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles, as well as the muscles in your back, glutes, and legs for stability and balance. This exercise can also help improve shoulder stability, increase muscular endurance, and promote a strong and stable core. To make this exercise more accessible for beginners, you can modify it by performing the push-up from your knees or by placing your hand on an elevated surface. For advanced individuals looking for an extra challenge, you can add in a knee tuck or leg lift during the side plank portion, or even incorporate a resistance band for added resistance. Remember to always maintain proper form throughout the movement, and listen to your body. If you feel any pain or discomfort, modify the exercise or consult with a fitness professional to ensure you are performing it correctly and safely. With consistency and proper technique, the Push-up to Side Plank can be a valuable addition to your workout routine, helping you build strength, improve stability, and achieve your fitness goals.


  • Start in a high plank position with your hands shoulder-width apart and your body in a straight line.
  • Lower your body down towards the floor by bending your elbows, keeping them close to your sides.
  • Push yourself back up to the starting position.
  • Shift your weight onto your left hand and rotate your body to the right, extending your right arm towards the ceiling.
  • Hold the side plank position for a few seconds.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side, shifting your weight onto your right hand and rotating your body to the left.
  • Continue alternating between push-ups and side planks for the desired number of repetitions or duration of the exercise.

Tips & Tricks

  • Engage your core throughout the entire movement to maintain stability.
  • Keep your body in a straight line from head to toe to ensure proper alignment.
  • Focus on controlling the movement and avoid rushing through the exercise.
  • Exhale as you push yourself up from the floor to engage your chest muscles more effectively.
  • Maintain a slight bend in your elbows at the top of the push-up position to avoid locking them.
  • To increase the intensity, add a leg lift or a knee tuck on the side plank position.
  • Start with modified push-ups if the full push-up is too challenging and gradually progress to the full version.
  • Ensure you have proper wrist alignment by placing your hands directly under your shoulders.
  • Remember to breathe throughout the exercise, inhaling on the way down and exhaling on the way up.
  • To improve stability and balance, practice the side plank separately before incorporating it into this exercise.


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