Four Exercises to Build a Wide Back Fast at Home

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This workout is designed for individuals looking to improve their strength and body control using their own body weight as resistance. Perfect for those at home or with limited access to equipment, this routine consists of four exercises, each performed for four sets of fifteen repetitions.

The first exercise, Bodyweight Good Mornings, emphasizes the hamstrings and glutes while also engaging your lower back and core. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind your head, and hinge forward at the hips with a slight bend in the knees, maintaining a flat back throughout the movement. This exercise is ideal for improving posterior chain strength and mobility.

Next, the Bodyweight Lying Pulse Row targets the muscles in your upper back. Lie face down on a mat, arms extended in front of you, and lift your chest slightly off the ground. Pull your elbows back towards your ribs in a rowing motion, squeezing your shoulder blades together.

For the third exercise, Bodyweight Lying On Stomach Lat Pulldown, remain in a prone position. Extend your arms overhead as if reaching for an imaginary bar and then pull down while engaging your lats and squeezing your elbows towards your hips. This mimics the motion of a lat pulldown machine and is great for developing back width.

Lastly, finish off with Bodyweight Lying Prone Ys to strengthen the shoulders and improve posture. While still prone, lift your arms into a Y position and raise them as high as comfortable. This exercise helps in strengthening the lower traps and other stabilizing muscles in the upper back.

In summary, this bodyweight routine offers a comprehensive workout focused on building strength and endurance in the posterior chain and upper back muscles. Perform each rep with controlled movement, focusing on mind-muscle connection, and ensuring proper form is maintained to prevent injury and maximize gains.

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  • #Exercise / Sets
    1Bodyweight Good Morning4 sets • 15 reps
    Bodyweight Good Morning
    2Bodyweight Lying Pulse Row4 sets • 15 reps
    Bodyweight Lying Pulse Row
    3Bodyweight Lying On Stomach Lat Pulldown4 sets • 15 reps
    Bodyweight Lying On Stomach Lat Pulldown
    4Lying Prone Y4 sets • 15 reps
    Lying Prone Y
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