Assisted Pull-up

Assisted Pull-up

The Assisted Pull-up is a highly effective upper body exercise that primarily targets the muscles of the back, including the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, and trapezius. It is a modified version of the traditional pull-up that provides assistance to those who may not yet have the strength to perform the exercise unassisted. To perform the Assisted Pull-up, you'll need an assisted pull-up machine or a resistance band. Start by adjusting the machine to your desired assistance level or choosing a resistance band that offers suitable support. Stand on the machine's foot platform or loop the resistance band around a pull-up bar, securing one end under your knees or feet while grasping the bar with an overhand grip. The Assisted Pull-up primarily targets the muscles of the upper body, but it also engages the core and stabilizer muscles to maintain proper form throughout the movement. It can help build strength and improve overall upper body function, making it an excellent exercise for anyone aiming to develop a strong and well-rounded physique. Beginners or those working towards performing unassisted pull-ups can benefit from regularly incorporating Assisted Pull-ups into their training routine. Gradually decrease the amount of assistance over time by reducing the weight on the machine or progressing to less supportive resistance bands. Consistency and proper form are key to achieving optimal results from this challenging exercise. Remember to focus on a controlled and controlled motion, ensuring that you engage the targeted muscles throughout each repetition.


  • Start by adjusting the height of the pull-up bar so that you can comfortably reach it while standing or kneeling.
  • Stand or kneel under the pull-up bar and grab it with an overhand grip, hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Step onto a sturdy platform or bench and allow your body to hang freely from the bar with your arms fully extended.
  • Engage your core muscles and squeeze your shoulder blades together as you pull your body up towards the bar.
  • Continue pulling until your chin is level with or above the bar, maintaining a controlled and smooth movement.
  • Pause briefly at the top of the movement, focusing on squeezing your back muscles.
  • Slowly lower your body back down to the starting position with controlled movement and full range of motion.
  • Repeat the movement for the desired number of repetitions.
  • Remember to keep your movements smooth and controlled, avoiding any swinging or jerking motions.
  • For beginners or those who need assistance, you can use resistance bands or an assisted pull-up machine to reduce the weight you're pulling.

Tips & Tricks

  • Gradually decrease or remove assistance over time to build strength and progress towards unassisted pull-ups.
  • Focus on maintaining good form and control throughout the movement, emphasizing the engagement of the back muscles.
  • Incorporate a full range of motion by lowering yourself all the way down and pulling yourself all the way up, making sure to fully extend your arms and activate the shoulder blades.
  • Include other exercises that target the back and upper body muscles, such as rows and lat pulldowns, to further strengthen the muscles needed for pull-ups.
  • Ensure proper warm-up to increase blood flow to the muscles and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Implement grip strength exercises, such as farmer's walks or wrist curls, to help improve gripping ability for pull-ups.
  • Perform eccentric or negative pull-ups by slowly lowering yourself from the top position to increase muscle strength and control.
  • Gradually increase the number of repetitions or sets you perform as you gain strength and endurance.
  • Focus on your breathing during the exercise, inhaling during the descent and exhaling during the ascent.
  • Allow for appropriate rest and recovery between sessions to allow the muscles to heal and grow stronger.


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