Cable Wrist Curl

Cable Wrist Curl

The Cable Wrist Curl is a fantastic exercise that targets the forearms, particularly the wrist flexor muscles. This exercise is performed using a cable machine, which provides a constant tension throughout the movement. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve grip strength, enhance forearm endurance, or simply add more definition to their lower arms. To perform the Cable Wrist Curl, you attach a straight bar handle to the low pulley of the cable machine. Stand facing the machine, grasp the handle with an underhand grip, and step back until you feel tension in the cable. Your arms should be fully extended, with your feet shoulder-width apart for stability. Engage your core and keep your upper arms stationary throughout the movement. Exhale, and gently curl your wrists, pulling the handle towards your body. Hold the contraction for a moment, feeling the squeeze in your forearms, and then slowly lower the handle back to the starting position. Remember to focus on the mind-muscle connection, really feeling the burn in your forearms as you perform the exercise. You can adjust the weight on the cable machine to suit your individual strength level and gradually increase it as you get stronger. Incorporating the Cable Wrist Curl into your workout routine can help improve your performance in various sports and activities that require grip strength, such as weightlifting, rock climbing, or even everyday tasks that involve gripping objects. It is a versatile exercise that can be performed as part of a full-body workout or during a dedicated forearm training session. As with any exercise, proper form is crucial to avoid injury and achieve optimal results. So, make sure to keep your movements controlled, maintain good posture, and listen to your body. Remember to always warm up before starting your workout and give yourself adequate rest and recovery time between sessions. It's time to strengthen those forearms and take your grip to the next level with the Cable Wrist Curl!


  • Attach a straight or EZ bar to a low pulley cable machine.
  • Stand facing the cable machine and grab the bar with an underhand grip, shoulder-width apart.
  • Step back to create tension on the cable, and extend your arms fully in front of you with your palms facing up.
  • Keeping your upper arms stationary, exhale and curl the bar towards your forearms by flexing your wrists.
  • Hold the contracted position for a brief pause, squeezing your forearms.
  • Inhale and slowly reverse the movement to lower the bar back to the starting position.
  • Repeat for the recommended number of repetitions.
  • Focus on maintaining good form and control throughout the exercise.
  • Adjust the weight according to your fitness level and goals.

Tips & Tricks

  • Start with low resistance and gradually increase the weight to avoid straining the wrist muscles.
  • Maintain proper form by keeping your wrist straight and stable throughout the exercise.
  • Engage your forearm muscles and avoid using momentum to lift the weight.
  • Perform the exercise in a slow and controlled manner, focusing on the contraction and extension of the wrist.
  • Breathe steadily throughout the movement, inhaling on the way down and exhaling on the way up.
  • Avoid excessive gripping of the cable handle to prevent unnecessary tension in the forearm and wrist.
  • Ensure that your arms are fully extended at the starting position and flex your wrist as far as comfortably possible.
  • Incorporate variety by using different attachments or grip positions to target different areas of the forearm.
  • Take breaks in between sets to allow your muscles to recover and prevent overexertion.
  • Consult with a fitness professional to ensure proper form and technique for optimal results.


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