Donkey Calf Raise

Donkey Calf Raise

The Donkey Calf Raise is a highly effective exercise that primarily targets the calf muscles, specifically the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. This exercise is named after the movement pattern resembling the way a donkey kicks its hind legs out. While it may sound strange, the Donkey Calf Raise is an essential exercise for developing strong and toned calves. One of the great things about the Donkey Calf Raise is that it can be easily performed both at home and in the gym. All you need is a stable elevated surface such as a step, sturdy chair, or even a calf raise machine. By placing the balls of your feet on the edge of the elevated surface and allowing your heels to hang off, you create a stretch in your calves, making them work harder during the exercise. This exercise can be performed with body weight alone, but to increase the intensity, you can also hold dumbbells or wear a weighted vest. As with any exercise, it's important to maintain proper form throughout to maximize its benefits and minimize the risk of injury. By focusing on a controlled and smooth movement, you'll effectively target the calf muscles and avoid engaging other muscle groups. Incorporating the Donkey Calf Raise into your workout routine can lead to stronger calf muscles, improved ankle stability, and enhanced athletic performance. It's an excellent exercise for those looking to develop well-defined and toned calves. So, don't be afraid to give the Donkey Calf Raise a try and watch your calves transform!


  • Stand with the balls of your feet on an elevated surface such as a step or block, and let your heels hang off the edge.
  • Place your hands on a wall or any stable surface for support.
  • Allow your heels to drop towards the ground as far as possible, feeling a stretch in your calves.
  • Press up onto your tiptoes, lifting your bodyweight as high as possible.
  • Hold the contracted position for a moment, focusing on squeezing your calf muscles.
  • Slowly lower your heels back down towards the starting position.
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Tips & Tricks

  • Donkey Calf Raise is a great exercise to target the calf muscles.
  • Focus on maintaining proper form throughout the exercise.
  • Engage your core to stabilize your body and prevent excessive swaying.
  • Use a slow and controlled tempo to maximize muscle activation.
  • Ensure that you are lifting the weight through your calves and not just using momentum.
  • Experiment with different foot positions to emphasize different areas of the calf muscles.
  • Include variations of the Donkey Calf Raise, such as single-leg or weighted, to challenge yourself and increase intensity.
  • Gradually increase the weight or resistance over time to continue challenging your muscles.
  • Remember to breathe properly during the exercise to optimize oxygen flow to your working muscles.
  • Always consult with a fitness professional before incorporating new exercises into your routine.


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