Kettlebell Bottoms Up Clean From The Hang Position

Kettlebell Bottoms Up Clean From The Hang Position

The kettlebell bottoms up clean from the hang position is an advanced exercise that targets multiple muscle groups in the body. It involves using a kettlebell, a unique piece of equipment that challenges stability, grip strength, and overall power. This exercise primarily works the muscles of the upper body, including the shoulders, upper back, and arms, while also engaging the core and lower body for added support and balance. By gripping the kettlebell with the handle pointing upwards, as the name suggests, you force your wrist and forearm muscles to work harder to maintain a stable and controlled position throughout the movement. This not only strengthens those specific muscles but also improves overall grip strength, which is important for various other exercises and daily activities. The bottoms-up clean requires explosive power to lift the kettlebell from the hang position to the rack position, where the kettlebell is held at shoulder height. This explosive movement engages the muscles in the legs, hips, and glutes, making it a great compound exercise that works multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Performing the kettlebell bottoms up clean from the hang position also challenges your coordination and balance as it requires precise control of the kettlebell throughout the entire range of motion. This exercise can be modified to suit different fitness levels by adjusting the weight of the kettlebell used or by focusing on specific variations of the movement. Incorporating the kettlebell bottoms up clean from the hang position into your workout routine can help enhance your overall strength, power, stability, and coordination, making it a valuable addition to any gym or home workout regimen. Remember to start with a weight that you can safely handle and gradually progress as you become more comfortable and confident with the exercise.


  • Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and a kettlebell placed on the floor between your feet.
  • Bend at the hips and knees to lower your body into a squat position, keeping your back straight and chest up.
  • Reach down and grasp the kettlebell handle with an overhand grip.
  • Keeping your shoulders squared, lift the kettlebell off the floor by driving through your hips and extending your knees.
  • As the kettlebell reaches hip height, rotate your wrist and forearm so that the bottom of the kettlebell is facing the ceiling.
  • Continue to drive the kettlebell upward, keeping it close to your body.
  • Once the kettlebell reaches chest level, rotate your wrist and forearm back to the starting position, with the bottom of the kettlebell facing down.
  • Using the momentum generated from the hip drive, let the kettlebell 'flip' and safely catch it with your elbow bent and your palm facing upward.
  • Stand up straight, fully extending your hips and knees, and bring the kettlebell to the rack position.
  • Lower the kettlebell back down to the starting position by reversing the movement.
  • Repeat the exercise for the desired number of repetitions.

Tips & Tricks

  • Start with a lighter kettlebell to master the technique and then gradually increase the weight.
  • Focus on maintaining a strong grip on the kettlebell throughout the movement.
  • Engage your core muscles to stabilize your body during the exercise.
  • Keep your elbows close to your body while performing the clean to maximize control and efficiency.
  • Exhale forcefully as you clean the kettlebell to generate power and engage your core.
  • Avoid using momentum to swing the kettlebell up; rely on controlled and deliberate movements instead.
  • Maintain proper posture with a tall spine and a neutral head position throughout the exercise.
  • Ensure a smooth transition from the hang position to the racked position by using your hips and legs to generate power.
  • Listen to your body and avoid pushing through pain or discomfort during the exercise.
  • Consider working with a certified fitness trainer to ensure proper form and technique.


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