Sumo Squat

Sumo Squat

The Sumo Squat is a dynamic lower body exercise that targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and adductor muscles. It is a variation of the traditional squat exercise, but with a wider stance and toes pointed outwards. This wide-legged stance places more emphasis on the inner thighs and works the muscles of the lower body in a different way. The Sumo Squat is an excellent choice for individuals looking to strengthen their legs and hips, improve lower body stability, and enhance overall athletic performance. By performing this exercise, you can increase your lower body strength, power, and stability, which can have a positive impact on your daily activities and sports performance. Additionally, the Sumo Squat can also be a great exercise for building muscle and burning calories. As it engages multiple large muscle groups, it can help boost your metabolism and contribute to fat loss. This exercise can be performed with bodyweight only or with added resistance such as dumbbells or a barbell, making it suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. To maximize the benefits of the Sumo Squat, it's crucial to maintain proper form throughout the movement. This includes keeping your chest up, shoulders back, and core engaged. Remember to inhale as you lower your body and exhale as you push through your feet to return to the starting position. Start slowly and gradually increase the intensity and range of motion as your strength and flexibility improve.


  • Start by standing with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing outwards.
  • Engage your core muscles and keep your chest lifted throughout the exercise.
  • Bend your knees and lower your body down as if you are sitting back into a chair. Keep your weight in your heels and avoid letting your knees go past your toes.
  • Once you reach a comfortable squat position, push through your heels to stand back up.
  • Repeat the squat movement for the desired number of repetitions.
  • Remember to maintain proper form and control throughout the exercise.

Tips & Tricks

  • Maintain proper form by keeping your back straight and chest lifted throughout the exercise.
  • Engage your core muscles to provide stability during the movement.
  • Start with lighter weights and gradually increase the resistance as you get stronger.
  • Focus on pushing through your heels to target the glutes and hamstrings.
  • Make sure to warm up before performing the sumo squat to prevent injury and increase flexibility.
  • Incorporate other compound exercises like deadlifts and lunges to further strengthen the lower body.
  • Experiment with different foot positioning to target specific muscles within the lower body.
  • Allow for adequate rest between sets to maximize muscle recovery and avoid overtraining.
  • Include the sumo squat as part of a well-rounded lower body training program for best results.
  • Remember to breathe properly throughout the exercise to ensure sufficient oxygen supply to the muscles.


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