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Barbell Lying Triceps Extension

Barbell Lying Triceps Extension

The Barbell Lying Triceps Extension, also commonly referred to as the Skull Crusher, is a highly effective exercise for targeting and strengthening the triceps muscles. This exercise primarily focuses on the long head of the triceps, which is responsible for adding size and definition to the back of your arms. Incorporating this compound movement into your workout routine can help you achieve those impressive, well-defined triceps you desire. To perform the Barbell Lying Triceps Extension, you will lie flat on a bench while holding a barbell with an overhand grip. The barbell is then extended directly overhead, with your arms fully extended. From this starting position, you slowly lower the barbell towards your forehead by bending at the elbows. It is crucial to maintain control and a slow, controlled pace while performing this exercise to avoid any potential strain or injury. This exercise is especially beneficial for those looking to build arm strength and improve their overall upper body muscularity. The Barbell Lying Triceps Extension effectively isolates the triceps muscles, allowing for maximum recruitment and muscle activation. Additionally, as a compound movement, it also engages the chest and shoulder muscles to some extent, providing a comprehensive upper body workout. Incorporating the Barbell Lying Triceps Extension into your fitness routine can help you enhance your performance in various pushing movements such as bench presses, shoulder presses, and push-ups. It is important to note that proper form and execution are vital to prevent any unnecessary strain on the elbows or wrists. Always start with lighter weights and gradually increase them as you become more comfortable and confident with the exercise. Remember to consult with a fitness professional or certified trainer to ensure you are performing this exercise correctly and to determine the appropriate weight and intensity for your specific fitness level. Regularly incorporating the Barbell Lying Triceps Extension into your training program, along with a balanced nutrition plan, can help you achieve stronger, more defined arms over time. Stick to a consistent workout routine and enjoy the benefits of this effective triceps exercise.


  • Start by lying flat on a bench with your feet flat on the floor and your head positioned at the end of the bench.
  • Hold a barbell with both hands, using an overhand grip (palms facing down), and extend your arms straight up over your chest.
  • Keeping your upper arms stationary, slowly lower the barbell down towards your forehead by bending your elbows.
  • Pause briefly when the barbell is just above your forehead, and then press the barbell back up to the starting position by extending your arms.
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions, making sure to maintain control and a steady pace throughout the exercise.
  • Remember to breathe properly and engage your triceps muscles throughout the movement.

Tips & Tricks

  • Focus on proper form and technique to effectively target the triceps muscle group.
  • Increase the intensity by gradually increasing the weight over time.
  • Engage your core muscles and maintain a stable body position throughout the exercise.
  • Control the movement throughout the entire range of motion to maximize muscle activation.
  • Perform the exercise in a slow and controlled manner, avoiding any jerking or swinging motions.
  • Use a spotter, especially when lifting heavy weights, to ensure safety and assistance if needed.
  • Maintain a consistent breathing pattern, exhaling on the exertion phase and inhaling on the return phase.
  • Progressively overload the muscles by increasing the number of sets or reps as you get stronger.
  • Allow for proper recovery by giving your muscles enough rest between workout sessions.
  • Combine this exercise with a varied triceps workout routine for overall muscle development.

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