Ultimate Chest Sculpt: Master Dumbbell Bench Press, Flys, and Pullovers for Peak Upper-Body Strength

Gym | Single Workout | Beginner: 4 exercises

This workout session targets the pectoral muscles through an intensive dumbbell regimen, structured to progressively enhance strength and muscle size. Each exercise utilizes dumbbells, perfecting a range of motions to stimulate all parts of the chest effectively.

The first exercise is the Dumbbell Alternate Bench Press with a high start. Here, 4 sets are performed with descending repetitions (15, 12, 10, 10). This exercise focuses on building the upper and middle chest muscles, introducing variations in starting positions to engage different fibers and promote balanced growth.

Following the bench press, the Dumbbell Chest Fly is performed utilizing the same structure of 4 sets with 15, 12, and then 10 repetitions twice. This exercise specifically targets the pectoral muscle stretching and helps carve detailed definition by involving a wide arc, isolating the chest muscles without stressing the triceps.

The third exercise in the sequence is the Dumbbell Low Fly, performed for 4 sets (15, 12, 10, 10 reps). It emphasizes the lower part of the pectorals, enhancing the chest's overall appearance and strength. This variant of fly also helps in improving the muscular connection across different chest areas.

Concluding the session, the Dumbbell Pullover, is executed similarly in 4 sets with decreasing repetitions. This exercise not only works on the chest but also engages the lats and serratus anterior, promoting upper body thickness and strength. The transition from chest-focused to more diversified muscular engagement makes this workout comprehensive and highly effective.

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  • #Exercise / Sets
    1Dumbbell Alternate Bench Press (high start)4 sets • 15, 12, 10 and 10 reps
    Dumbbell Alternate Bench Press (high start)
    2Dumbbell Chest Fly4 sets • 15, 12, 10 and 10 reps
    Dumbbell Chest Fly
    3Dumbbell Low Fly4 sets • 15, 12, 10 and 10 reps
    Dumbbell Low Fly
    4Dumbbell Pullover4 sets • 15, 12, 10 and 10 reps
    Dumbbell Pullover
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