Band standing external shoulder rotation

Band standing external shoulder rotation

The band standing external shoulder rotation is an effective exercise that targets the muscles in the shoulders, particularly the rotator cuff muscles. It involves the use of a resistance band, which adds resistance to the movement and helps in strengthening and stabilizing the shoulder joint. This exercise is great for improving shoulder strength and stability, which is important for everyday activities, as well as sports and other physical activities. Strong and stable shoulders can also help prevent injuries and improve posture. During the band standing external shoulder rotation, you'll be standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a resistance band in both hands. With a slight bend in your elbows, you'll bring your arms in front of your body, keeping the band taut. Then, while maintaining proper form and control, you'll externally rotate your shoulders by pulling the band outwards, away from your body. This movement targets the muscles in the back of the shoulders. Adding this exercise to your workout routine can help improve your overall shoulder strength and stability. Start with a lighter resistance band and gradually progress to heavier ones as your muscles get stronger. Remember to maintain proper form and avoid any jerky movements to minimize the risk of injury. Incorporating the band standing external shoulder rotation into your routine can be beneficial for anyone looking to improve their shoulder strength and stability. However, if you have any pre-existing shoulder conditions or concerns, it's always best to consult with a fitness professional or a healthcare provider before attempting this exercise. Happy training!


  • Start by attaching a resistance band to a stable object at chest height.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.
  • Hold the resistance band with both hands, palms facing down.
  • Position your elbows bent at 90 degrees, close to your sides.
  • Keeping your core engaged and your back straight, slowly rotate your shoulders externally by pulling the band away from your body.
  • Continue rotating until your hands are parallel to the floor and your shoulder blades are squeezed together.
  • Hold the position for a brief moment, then slowly return to the starting position.
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.
  • Remember to breathe steadily throughout the movement and to avoid using momentum to perform the exercise.

Tips & Tricks

  • Start with a light resistance band and gradually increase the intensity as you progress.
  • Maintain proper posture throughout the exercise by keeping your shoulders down and back.
  • Engage your core muscles to stabilize your body and enhance the effectiveness of the exercise.
  • Perform the movement in a slow and controlled manner to fully engage the muscles and prevent injury.
  • Focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together as you rotate your arms outwards against the resistance of the band.
  • Keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle throughout the exercise, maintaining tension in the band.
  • Avoid using momentum or swinging your arms to complete the movement. It should be done with deliberate muscle contractions.
  • Incorporate this exercise into your upper body routine 2-3 times per week for optimal results.
  • Stretch your shoulder muscles before and after the exercise to improve flexibility and reduce muscle soreness.
  • If you experience any pain or discomfort while performing this exercise, consult with a healthcare professional or a certified trainer.


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