Cable twist (up down) version 2

Cable twist (up down) version 2

The Cable Twist (Up-Down) Version 2 is a dynamic and effective exercise that targets your core muscles, particularly the obliques. This exercise is performed using a cable machine, which provides constant tension throughout the movement for maximum muscle activation. To begin, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and position the cable handle at chest height. Grasp the handle with both hands, keeping your arms slightly bent. Engage your core and maintain a tall and upright posture throughout the exercise. Start by rotating your torso to one side, pulling the cable diagonally upward in a twisting motion. As you reach the top of the movement, pause momentarily to contract your obliques. Next, smoothly reverse the motion, bringing the cable down and across your body to the opposite side. Allow your hips and lower body to pivot naturally as you rotate. Keep in mind that the key to this exercise is controlled and deliberate movements. Avoid jerking or using momentum to complete the rotation. Focus on engaging your core and using the muscles in your obliques to drive the twist. By incorporating the Cable Twist (Up-Down) Version 2 into your workout routine, you can enhance core stability and develop stronger oblique muscles. Remember to start with a weight that challenges you but allows for proper form. As you become more comfortable with the exercise, you can gradually increase the resistance to continue challenging your muscles and promoting growth.


  • Stand perpendicular to a cable machine with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Hold on to the cable handle with both hands and extend your arms straight out in front of you.
  • Engage your core and keep your back straight throughout the entire movement.
  • Initiate the exercise by rotating your torso and hips away from the cable machine.
  • Twist your body as far as you can while keeping your arms extended in front of you.
  • Pause for a moment at the end of the twist and feel the contraction in your obliques.
  • Slowly reverse the movement by rotating your torso and hips back to the starting position.
  • Continue the twisting motion for the desired number of repetitions.
  • Remember to breathe steadily throughout the exercise.
  • Adjust the resistance of the cable machine to match your fitness level and goals.

Tips & Tricks

  • Engage your core muscles throughout the exercise for stability and control.
  • Inhale deeply before starting the movement and exhale as you twist your torso.
  • Focus on maintaining proper form and technique rather than speed.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and avoid shrugging them during the exercise.
  • Use a controlled and smooth motion, avoiding any jerking or swinging movements.
  • Choose a weight that challenges you but allows you to complete the desired number of repetitions with proper form.
  • Combine this exercise with other rotational movements to work your oblique muscles from different angles.
  • Ensure that your hips and lower body stay stationary throughout the exercise.
  • Progressively increase the resistance over time to continue challenging your muscles.
  • Remember to warm up your muscles and stretch before starting this exercise.


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