Barbell Reverse Grip Incline Bench Press

Barbell Reverse Grip Incline Bench Press

The Barbell Reverse Grip Incline Bench Press is an upper body exercise that primarily targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps. This variation of the traditional bench press is performed on an inclined bench with a reverse grip on the barbell. By using a reverse grip, you are able to emphasize the muscles of the upper chest and shoulders, while also engaging the triceps to a greater extent. The incline bench angle places the body in a slightly elevated position, targeting the upper portion of the pectoralis major (chest) muscles. Additionally, the reverse grip position changes the mechanics of the movement, activating the anterior deltoids (shoulders) and engaging the triceps to a greater degree. This exercise is a fantastic way to build overall upper body strength and add definition to your chest, shoulders, and arms. When performing the Barbell Reverse Grip Incline Bench Press, it is important to maintain proper form and technique. Be sure to keep your feet firmly planted on the floor, your back pressed against the bench, and your core engaged throughout the exercise. It is also crucial to use an appropriate weight that challenges you without sacrificing form. As always, proper warm-up and cool-down are essential to prepare your body for the exercise and prevent injury. Incorporating the Barbell Reverse Grip Incline Bench Press into your workout routine can help you achieve your upper body strength and muscle-building goals. Remember to listen to your body, progress gradually, and ensure you are fueling your body with proper nutrition to maximize the benefits of this exercise.


  • Lie back on an incline bench with a barbell placed on the rack above you.
  • Position yourself so that your chest is directly below the barbell.
  • Reach up and grasp the barbell with a reverse grip (palms facing towards you) with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Lift the barbell off the rack and hold it above your chest.
  • Lower the barbell slowly and with control towards your upper chest, making sure to keep your elbows slightly tucked in and your wrists stable.
  • Continue lowering until the barbell gently touches your upper chest.
  • Pause for a moment, then push the barbell back up to the starting position, fully extending your arms.
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.
  • Remember to engage your chest, shoulders, and triceps throughout the exercise.
  • Maintain proper form and avoid arching your back or using excessive momentum.

Tips & Tricks

  • Focus on maintaining proper form and technique throughout the exercise
  • Engage your core muscles to stabilize your body during the movement
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and avoid shrugging them during the exercise
  • Use a controlled and slow tempo with both the eccentric and concentric phases
  • Ensure a full range of motion by lowering the barbell until it touches your chest
  • Gradually increase the weight as you improve strength and proper form
  • Take adequate rest between sets to allow for recovery
  • Incorporate variations of the exercise, such as using dumbbells or a Smith machine, to target different muscle fibers
  • Listen to your body and gradually progress the intensity of your workouts
  • Fuel your body with a balanced diet to support muscle growth and recovery


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