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Hammer Grip Pull-up on Dip Cage

Hammer Grip Pull-up on Dip Cage

The Hammer Grip Pull-up on Dip Cage is an incredible compound exercise that targets several upper body muscles, including the back, biceps, and shoulders. This exercise is highly effective for building upper body strength and improving overall muscular definition. By using a hammer grip, in which your palms are facing each other, you engage different muscles compared to the traditional pronated grip pull-up. Performing this exercise on a dip cage provides ample stability and support, making it suitable for individuals of various fitness levels. The dip cage allows for an adjustable height, accommodating different arm lengths and body sizes. This exercise offers a challenging yet rewarding workout, as it requires the use of your body weight as resistance. The Hammer Grip Pull-up on Dip Cage can be modified by adding weight plates or resistance bands for those seeking an extra challenge. Including this exercise in your routine can help you develop a strong and defined upper body. It primarily targets the latissimus dorsi, or the "lats," which are the large muscles in your back responsible for achieving that desirable "V-shape." Additionally, the biceps brachii and the shoulders are engaged as synergistic muscles, providing further strength and stability throughout the movement. Remember to warm up adequately before attempting this exercise to prevent any potential strains or injuries. Incorporating the Hammer Grip Pull-up on Dip Cage into your fitness routine will contribute to a well-rounded upper body workout, allowing you to reach your strength and physique goals efficiently. So grab the dip cage handles, position your hands in a hammer grip, and let's start building that upper body strength!


  • Grab the parallel bars of the dip cage with an overhand grip so that your palms are facing each other.
  • Hang with your arms fully extended, keeping your shoulders relaxed.
  • Engage your core and squeeze your shoulder blades together as you pull your body upward.
  • Continue pulling until your chin reaches above the bars.
  • Slowly lower your body back to the starting position with control.
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Tips & Tricks

  • Maintain proper form throughout the exercise by keeping your body straight and engaging your core.
  • Start with a comfortable grip width on the dip cage, and gradually increase the difficulty by narrowing your grip over time.
  • Initiate the movement by squeezing your shoulder blades together and pulling your elbows down towards the floor.
  • Focus on using your back muscles to perform the exercise, rather than relying on momentum or excessive arm involvement.
  • Control the descent phase of the movement and avoid letting your body swing or drop too quickly.
  • If you are unable to perform a full pull-up, use a resistance band or an assisted pull-up machine to gradually build strength.
  • Incorporate variations such as tempo pull-ups, single-arm pull-ups, or weighted pull-ups to challenge your muscles and avoid plateaus.
  • Ensure proper shoulder mobility by incorporating exercises like shoulder dislocations and scapular rotations into your warm-up routine.
  • Maintain a balanced diet that includes sufficient protein to support muscle recovery and growth.
  • Stay consistent and progressive with your training, gradually increasing the difficulty or volume of your pull-up workouts over time.


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