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Decline Bent Leg Reverse Crunch

Decline Bent Leg Reverse Crunch

The Decline Bent Leg Reverse Crunch is a challenging abdominal exercise that targets the lower abs and hip flexors. This exercise is performed on a decline bench, which adds an extra level of difficulty by increasing the range of motion. By bringing the legs towards the chest and raising the hips off the bench, this movement engages the deep abdominal muscles and helps to build strength and definition in the midsection. The key to performing the Decline Bent Leg Reverse Crunch correctly lies in maintaining proper form throughout the exercise. It is crucial to keep the lower back pressed against the bench at all times to avoid straining the spine. By keeping the core engaged and initiating the movement from the lower abs, you can maximize the effectiveness of this exercise. Incorporating the Decline Bent Leg Reverse Crunch into your workout routine can be beneficial for strengthening the abdominal muscles, improving core stability, and enhancing overall athletic performance. However, it is essential to start with proper warm-up exercises and gradually increase the intensity and repetitions to avoid any injuries. Remember to always listen to your body and take breaks as needed during your workout. As with any exercise, form and technique are paramount, so pay careful attention to your body positioning and alignment. When combined with a balanced diet and consistent exercise routine, the Decline Bent Leg Reverse Crunch can be an excellent addition to your fitness regimen, helping you achieve your abdominal goals. So, give it a try and feel the burn in your core!


  • Lie down on a decline bench with your hips positioned at the top end of the bench and your feet secured under the foot pads.
  • Place your hands by your sides or lightly support your head with your fingertips behind your ears.
  • Bend your knees and lift your legs up towards your chest, keeping your lower back pressed against the bench.
  • As you exhale, curl your hips and pelvis up towards your chest, lifting your glutes off the bench.
  • Pause and hold the contraction for a moment, squeezing your abs.
  • Slowly lower your hips and pelvis back down to the starting position, maintaining control throughout the movement.
  • Repeat the desired number of repetitions.

Tips & Tricks

  • Maintain proper form throughout the exercise to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Engage your core muscles by pulling your belly button in towards your spine.
  • Breathe steadily and exhale as you lift your legs towards your chest.
  • Start with a lighter decline angle and gradually increase the difficulty as you become stronger.
  • Ensure your lower back stays pressed against the bench throughout the movement.
  • Avoid using momentum to perform the exercise by moving slowly and with control.
  • Incorporate variations of the exercise, such as adding weights or performing single-leg reverse crunches, to challenge your muscles in different ways.
  • Include the decline bent leg reverse crunch in a well-rounded core workout routine that targets all major core muscles.
  • Remember to include proper nutrition and maintain a balanced diet to support your fitness goals.
  • Allow yourself adequate rest and recovery time between workouts to maximize the benefits of your training.


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