Suspension Supine Crunch

Suspension Supine Crunch

Suspension Supine Crunch is an effective core exercise that targets your abdominal muscles, particularly the rectus abdominis. This exercise is performed using a suspension trainer, which adds an element of instability to engage your core even more. By lying on your back and extending your legs towards the handles, you challenge your core stability and control while activating your abdominal muscles. This exercise not only strengthens your abs but also improves your overall core strength, which is fundamental for stability and balance during everyday activities and other workouts. In addition, the Suspension Supine Crunch engages your hip flexors, chest, and shoulders to a lesser extent, making it a multi-joint movement that recruits multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Including the Suspension Supine Crunch in your workout routine can enhance your core strength, improve posture, and help sculpt a defined midsection. However, it's essential to maintain proper form and control throughout the movement to maximize the benefits and prevent any potential strain on your lower back or neck. Incorporate this exercise into your routine a few times a week for optimal results and always listen to your body to prevent overexertion or injury.


  • Start by setting up a suspension trainer at a suitable height. Make sure that the handles of the suspension trainer are at chest level.
  • Facing up, lie down on your back directly underneath the suspended handles. Your feet should be hip-width apart and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • Grab the handles of the suspension trainer and extend your arms so that they are straight above your shoulders.
  • Engage your core and lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the ground. As you do this, bring your knees towards your chest and curl your body into a crunch position.
  • Hold the crunch position for a moment and then slowly lower your head, neck, and shoulders back down to the starting position.
  • Simultaneously, extend your legs back out to the starting position.
  • Repeat the movement for the desired number of repetitions.
  • Remember to maintain control throughout the exercise and breathe in a controlled manner.
  • Once you have completed the desired number of repetitions, carefully release the handles and return to a resting position.

Tips & Tricks

  • Focus on engaging your core muscles throughout the entire movement.
  • Maintain a controlled and slow tempo to maximize muscle activation.
  • Keep your shoulders and upper back stable by pulling them down and away from your ears.
  • Exhale as you crunch up to fully engage your abdominal muscles.
  • Avoid straining your neck by keeping it in alignment with your spine.
  • To intensify the exercise, pause for a few seconds at the top of the crunch.
  • Modify the difficulty level by adjusting the angle of your body: the more vertical, the harder it becomes.
  • Use a suspension trainer that allows for adjustable straps to customize the exercise to your fitness level and comfort.
  • Incorporate the suspension supine crunch into a well-rounded workout routine that includes strength training and cardiovascular exercises.
  • Stay hydrated before, during, and after the workout to optimize performance and aid in recovery.


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