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Bodyweight Windmill

Bodyweight Windmill

The Bodyweight Windmill is an incredible exercise that targets multiple muscle groups and helps improve strength, flexibility, and stability. This exercise primarily focuses on the core muscles, particularly the obliques, but it also engages the shoulders, hips, glutes, and hamstrings. The movement starts with your feet wider than hip-width apart, arms extended to the sides. You then hinge at the hips and reach one hand towards the opposite foot while keeping the other hand pointed towards the sky. As you move through the exercise, you also rotate your torso, which adds an extra challenge for your core muscles. The Bodyweight Windmill is a fantastic exercise for those who want to enhance their functional fitness. It mimics movements we make in everyday life, such as bending down to pick up an object or reaching overhead to grab something from a shelf. By incorporating this exercise into your routine, you can improve your overall posture, balance, and coordination. It's important to note that the Bodyweight Windmill requires excellent mobility and stability. Make sure to warm up adequately before attempting this exercise, and always focus on maintaining proper form to prevent any unnecessary strain or injury. With consistent practice, you'll see improvements in your core strength, flexibility, and rotational power.


  • Begin in a standing position with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Extend your arms out to the sides, parallel to the ground.
  • Rotate your torso to the right, while keeping your hips facing forward.
  • Bend at the waist and lower your left hand towards your right foot, while keeping your right arm extended.
  • As you lower your hand, pivot onto your right foot, allowing your left leg to straighten and lift slightly off the ground.
  • Keep your gaze focused on your right hand throughout the movement.
  • Reverse the movement by lifting your torso, bringing your left hand back up to shoulder height, and returning to the starting position.
  • Repeat the movement to the opposite side, rotating your torso to the left and lowering your right hand towards your left foot.
  • Perform the exercise in a slow and controlled manner, focusing on engaging your core and maintaining good form.

Tips & Tricks

  • Before attempting the Bodyweight Windmill, make sure to warm up properly to prevent injury.
  • Focus on maintaining proper form throughout the entire exercise, paying attention to your posture and alignment.
  • Engage your core muscles as you perform the Bodyweight Windmill to strengthen your abdominal muscles.
  • Start with a lighter weight or no weight at all if you are a beginner, and gradually increase the difficulty as you progress.
  • Control the movement and avoid rushing through the exercise to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Breathe steadily and exhale as you twist to engage your core and improve stability.
  • Avoid using momentum to perform the Bodyweight Windmill; instead, rely on your muscles to generate the movement.
  • Listen to your body and don't push yourself beyond your current capabilities. Gradually increase the intensity as your strength improves.
  • Incorporate the Bodyweight Windmill into a well-rounded exercise routine that includes cardiovascular exercise and strength training for balanced fitness.
  • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries, consult with a healthcare professional before attempting the Bodyweight Windmill.


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