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Bottle Weighted Upright Row

Bottle Weighted Upright Row

The Bottle Weighted Upright Row is a great exercise that targets the muscles in your upper back and shoulders. It is a variation of the traditional upright row exercise, but with the added challenge of using bottles as weights. This exercise is perfect for those who want to add resistance training to their home workouts but don't have access to dumbbells or barbells. To perform the Bottle Weighted Upright Row, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a bottle in each hand. Make sure the bottles are filled with an appropriate amount of water or sand to provide enough resistance without straining your muscles. Keeping your back straight and your core engaged, pull the bottles up towards your chin, leading with your elbows. Keep your elbows pointing outwards and close to your body throughout the movement. Squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top of the movement, then slowly lower the bottles back down to the starting position. The Bottle Weighted Upright Row not only strengthens your upper back and shoulders but also helps improve your posture and stability. It engages multiple muscles, including the traps, deltoids, and rhomboids, giving you a well-rounded upper body workout. Increase the intensity of this exercise by using heavier bottles or by adding more repetitions. Remember to maintain proper form throughout the exercise and listen to your body. If you experience any pain or discomfort, stop the exercise immediately. Incorporate the Bottle Weighted Upright Row into your regular workout routine to enhance your upper body strength and achieve a more balanced physique.


  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Grasp a filled water bottle or any weighted object in each hand, with your palms facing your body.
  • Keep your back straight, engaging your core muscles.
  • Lift the water bottles or weighted objects straight up towards your chin, without swinging or using momentum.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top of the movement.
  • Lower the water bottles or weighted objects back down to the starting position, in a controlled manner.
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.
  • Focus on maintaining proper form throughout the exercise.

Tips & Tricks

  • Focus on maintaining proper form throughout the entire movement to prevent injury and maximize effectiveness.
  • Start with lighter bottles as you perfect your form, gradually increasing the weight as you progress.
  • Engage your core muscles by tightening your abdominal muscles and squeezing your glutes during the exercise.
  • Breathe deeply and exhale as you lift the bottles, inhaling as you lower them in a controlled manner.
  • To increase the challenge, slow down the movement and focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together at the top of the exercise.
  • Avoid using momentum to lift the bottles by using controlled and deliberate movements.
  • Listen to your body and adjust the weight and intensity as needed to avoid overexertion or strain.
  • Include this exercise in a well-rounded upper body workout routine that targets all major muscle groups.
  • Stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout to prevent muscle cramps and fatigue.
  • Allow for proper rest and recovery between exercise sessions to maximize strength gains and prevent overtraining.


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