Lower Body Boost: Bodyweight Squats, Split Squats, Leg Curls & Calf Raises

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This lower body workout is designed to build strength and muscle in the legs and calves. Beginning with the classic Squat for three sets of 10 reps, you’ll engage the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and core muscles, providing a solid foundation for overall lower body strength. Depth and technique are key for maximizing the benefits of the squat, so be sure to keep your chest up and drive through your heels as you rise.

Moving on to the Bodyweight Low Split Squat for three sets of 10 reps each leg, this exercise enhances stability, and targets the glutes and hamstrings while also working the smaller stabilizer muscles. Ensure your front foot is flat and your knee is aligned with your toes to avoid unnecessary stress on the joints.

The focus then shifts to the hamstrings with the Bodyweight Lying Leg Curl, performed for three sets of 10 reps. This exercise mimics the hamstring curl machine typically found in gyms and can be done at home with minimal equipment, such as sliding on a smooth surface or using a stability ball. It's important to keep your hips grounded and pull your heels toward your glutes to fully engage the hamstrings.

Finally, the workout concludes with the Standing Calf Raise for three sets of 10 reps. Standing calf raises target the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in the calves. Make sure to rise onto the balls of your feet and squeeze at the top of the movement for maximum engagement. Consistent calf training will help improve lower leg strength, balance, and athletic performance.

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  • #Exercise / Sets
    1Squat3 sets • 10 reps
    2Bodyweight Low Split Squat3 sets • 10 reps
    Bodyweight Low Split Squat
    3Bodyweight Lying Legs Curl3 sets • 10 reps
    Bodyweight Lying Legs Curl
    4Standing Calf Raise3 sets • 10 reps
    Standing Calf Raise
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