How Can You Maximize Cardio and Strength in 7 Minutes? Discover This Efficient HIIT Workout!

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Looking for a quick yet powerful workout that combines cardio and strength? This 7-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is designed to push your limits while maximizing efficiency. Each exercise focuses on using your body weight, so no equipment is required. You’ll engage multiple muscle groups and get your heart pumping in a span of just 7 minutes. Here's the breakdown of each exercise to guide you through the workout. Prepare for 10 seconds, work for 20 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds in between sets. Let’s dive in!

First, we start with **Squats**, a fundamental exercise that targets your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Make sure to keep your chest up and back straight for optimal form.

Move on to **Bodyweight Rear Lunges**, which work your glutes, quads, and calves while also enhancing balance and coordination.

**Standing Single Leg Curls** on the right leg and then the left, zero in on your hamstrings and a bit of your glutes, adding stability to your routine.

The **Standing Calf Raise** follows, effectively targeting the calf muscles and improving lower leg strength.

Transition into a **Push-up**, a classic upper body exercise focusing on your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

The **Pike Push-up** shifts the focus to your shoulders and triceps, making it an excellent compound exercise.

Switch to **Biceps Leg Concentration Curls**—one set for the right arm and one for the left—to engage your biceps using just your leg as resistance.

**Floor Crunches** come next, a quintessential core exercise focusing on your abdominal muscles.

Follow this with **Alternate Heel Touches** to engage your obliques and central abs, adding a twist to your core workout.

**Elbow Up and Down Dynamic Plank** not only tests your core but also strengthens your shoulders and arms while incorporating cardio.

For a lower back workout, perform the **Superman** exercise, which also engages your glutes and hamstrings, promoting spinal stability.

Finally, finish strong with the **Bodyweight Lying Pulse Row**, which targets your back muscles, rounding out a full-body workout.

In just 7 minutes, this HIIT session will leave you feeling energized and accomplished. Perfect for those with a busy schedule but who still want an effective workout. Ready to break a sweat? Let’s get started!

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  • #Exercise / Sets
    1Squat1 set • :20.
    2Bodyweight Rear Lunge1 set • :20.
    Bodyweight Rear Lunge
    3Standing Single Leg Curl (R)1 set • :20.
    Standing Single Leg Curl (R)
    4Standing Single Leg Curl (L)1 set • :20.
    Standing Single Leg Curl (L)
    5Standing Calf Raise1 set • :20.
    Standing Calf Raise
    6Push-up1 set • :20.
    7Pike Push-up1 set • :20.
    Pike Push-up
    8Biceps Leg Concentration Curl (R)1 set • :20.
    Biceps Leg Concentration Curl (R)
    9Biceps Leg Concentration Curl (L)1 set • :20.
    Biceps Leg Concentration Curl (L)
    10Floor Crunches1 set • :20.
    Floor Crunches
    11Alternate Heel Touches1 set • :20.
    Alternate Heel Touches
    12Elbow Up and Down Dynamic Plank1 set • :20.
    Elbow Up and Down Dynamic Plank
    13Superman1 set • :20.
    14Bodyweight Lying Pulse Row1 set • :20.
    Bodyweight Lying Pulse Row
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