Wrist Circles

Wrist Circles

Wrist Circles are a simple and effective exercise that can help improve wrist mobility and flexibility. This exercise specifically targets the muscles and tendons in the wrists, which are often neglected in traditional workouts. Wrist mobility is essential for many everyday activities, such as typing on a keyboard, lifting weights, or even performing yoga poses that involve weight-bearing on the hands. To perform Wrist Circles, you can do it either standing or seated, whichever is more comfortable for you. Start by extending your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder height. Keep your elbows slightly bent throughout the exercise. Make a fist with each hand and gently begin to rotate your wrists in a circular motion. It's important to focus on maintaining a smooth and controlled movement throughout the exercise. Start with small circles, gradually increasing the size as your wrists warm up. You can perform the circles clockwise for a certain number of repetitions and then switch to counterclockwise to target the muscles from different angles. Regularly incorporating Wrist Circles into your exercise routine can help prevent or reduce discomfort or pain associated with conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. It can also improve your grip strength, which is valuable for various sports and activities. Remember, it's always important to listen to your body and start with smaller movements if you experience pain or discomfort. Remember to consult with a fitness professional or a physician before incorporating any new exercises into your routine, particularly if you have any pre-existing wrist or hand injuries.


  • Start by extending one arm straight in front of you.
  • Make a fist with your hand, keeping your wrist straight.
  • Begin to rotate your wrist in a circular motion, starting with small circles.
  • Gradually increase the size of the circles, maintaining control and stability.
  • Continue the motion for the desired number of repetitions.
  • Repeat the exercise with the other arm.

Tips & Tricks

  • Start with gentle wrist circles and gradually increase the speed and intensity as you warm up.
  • Focus on maintaining a straight line from your elbow to your fingertips during the entire movement.
  • Engage your core muscles to support your wrists and prevent any unnecessary strain.
  • To avoid wrist discomfort, perform wrist circles in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.
  • Take breaks and rest if you experience any pain or discomfort during the exercise.
  • Gradually increase the duration and number of repetitions as your wrist mobility improves.
  • Pay attention to your breathing and exhale as you rotate your wrists.
  • Remember to relax your shoulders and keep them away from your ears throughout the exercise.
  • Don't put excessive pressure on your wrists; let them move freely and naturally.
  • Be consistent with practicing wrist circles to maintain and improve wrist mobility.


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