Above Head Chest Stretch

Above Head Chest Stretch

The Above Head Chest Stretch is a fantastic exercise for targeting the chest muscles and improving overall upper body flexibility. It mainly focuses on stretching the pectoralis major and minor muscles, which are located in the front of your chest. This exercise is relatively easy to perform, making it suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. To perform the Above Head Chest Stretch, you begin by standing tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Extend both arms out to your sides at shoulder height, ensuring your palms are facing forward. Slowly, without bending your elbows, lift your arms up and overhead, keeping them straight and close to your ears. As you reach the top, gently push your chest forward and upwards while maintaining a neutral spine. You should feel a deep stretch in your chest area. Regularly incorporating the Above Head Chest Stretch into your workout routine offers several benefits. Stretching the chest muscles helps to alleviate tightness and improve posture by counteracting the forward shoulder position that often results from prolonged sitting or working at a desk. It can also enhance your performance in other exercises, such as bench presses or push-ups, by increasing the range of motion in the shoulders and chest. Remember, it's crucial to warm up before attempting any stretching exercises to prepare your muscles for movement and prevent injury. Additionally, consult with a fitness professional or a certified trainer to determine if this exercise is suitable for your specific needs and abilities. Happy stretching!


  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.
  • Extend your arms out to the sides at shoulder height, palms facing forward.
  • Slowly bring your arms forward and up, keeping them straight, until they are above your head.
  • Hold the stretch for 15-30 seconds, feeling a gentle stretch in your chest and shoulders.
  • Lower your arms back down to the starting position.
  • Repeat the stretch for a total of 3-5 times.

Tips & Tricks

  • Ensure proper posture and alignment during the stretch.
  • Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds to increase flexibility.
  • Take deep breaths while stretching to enhance relaxation.
  • Avoid bouncing or jerking movements during the stretch.
  • Engage your core muscles for stability and balance.
  • Perform the stretch after a warm-up or workout session.
  • Gradually increase the intensity of the stretch over time.
  • Listen to your body and modify the stretch if necessary.
  • Maintain a steady and controlled pace throughout the exercise.
  • Consult with a professional if you experience any pain or discomfort.


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