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Wrist Flexor Stretch

Wrist Flexor Stretch

The Wrist Flexor Stretch is a simple yet effective stretching exercise that targets the muscles of the wrist and forearm. This stretch is commonly used to alleviate tightness and improve flexibility in these areas. Whether you spend hours typing on a keyboard, practicing sports that involve gripping, or simply want to relieve tension, this exercise is a great addition to your routine. To perform the Wrist Flexor Stretch, you'll need a flat surface and a few minutes of your time. Begin by extending one arm in front of you, palm facing down. With your other hand, gently grasp your fingers and pull them back towards your body, feeling a stretch in the underside of your forearm and wrist. Hold this stretch for about 20-30 seconds, all while maintaining a relaxed breathing pattern. Repeating this stretch for both arms can help improve wrist flexibility, reduce the risk of wrist-related injuries, and relieve discomfort caused by repetitive movements. It's a fantastic warm-up or cool-down exercise for those engaged in activities that involve gripping and repetitive hand motions. Incorporate it into your regular stretching routine to optimize wrist health and enhance your overall performance. Remember, stretching should never cause pain or discomfort. If you experience any unusual sensations, please consult with a professional. Regularly incorporating the Wrist Flexor Stretch into your routine can contribute to improved wrist mobility and wellbeing. So, why not give it a try and reap the benefits?


  • Begin by extending your arm straight out in front of you with your palm facing up.
  • With your opposite hand, grab the fingers of your extended hand and gently pull them back towards you.
  • Hold the stretch for 15-30 seconds, feeling a gentle stretch in your wrist and forearm.
  • Release the stretch and repeat on the other hand.

Tips & Tricks

  • Perform wrist flexor stretch on both hands for better flexibility and range of motion.
  • Hold the stretch for at least 15-30 seconds to allow the muscles to lengthen.
  • Breathe deeply and relax throughout the stretch to avoid unnecessary tension.
  • Gradually increase the intensity of the stretch over time as your wrist becomes more flexible.
  • Avoid excessive force or bouncing during the stretch to prevent injury.
  • Perform the wrist flexor stretch regularly, ideally 2-3 times per day, for best results.
  • Warm up your wrists before performing the stretch by gently rotating them in circles.
  • Listen to your body and modify the stretch as needed to avoid any pain or discomfort.
  • Consider using a prop like a towel or strap to assist in the stretch if you have limited flexibility.
  • Consult with a fitness professional or healthcare provider if you have any concerns or pre-existing wrist conditions.

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