Dumbbell One Arm Concetration Curl (on stability ball)

Dumbbell One Arm Concetration Curl (on stability ball)

The dumbbell one-arm concentration curl (on stability ball) is a fantastic exercise that targets the biceps, forearms, and brachialis muscles. This exercise not only helps in building stronger and more defined arm muscles but also challenges your core stability and balance. By performing this exercise on a stability ball, you are engaging your abdominal muscles and enhancing your overall stability. To perform this exercise, you would typically sit on a stability ball with your feet placed firmly on the ground for support. Choose a dumbbell of appropriate weight and hold it in one hand with your arm fully extended, allowing it to rest on the inside of your thigh. Keep your back straight and your core engaged throughout the movement. Slowly curl the dumbbell towards your shoulder while keeping your upper arm stationary, making sure to contract your bicep muscle. Pause for a moment at the top of the movement, squeezing the bicep, and then gradually lower the weight back to the starting position. Remember to focus on maintaining proper form and control throughout the exercise. Incorporating the dumbbell one-arm concentration curl (on stability ball) into your workout routine can help you achieve well-rounded arm development while simultaneously challenging your stability and coordination. Remember to always start with a weight that allows you to perform the exercise with proper form and gradually progress to heavier weights as your strength increases.


  • Sit on a stability ball with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • Hold a dumbbell in one hand, letting it hang between your legs with your palm facing forward.
  • Place the back of your upper arm against the inside of your thigh, just above your knee.
  • With your other hand, hold onto the edge of the stability ball for support.
  • Slowly curl the dumbbell upward while keeping your upper arm stationary against your thigh.
  • Continue curling the dumbbell until your bicep is fully contracted and the dumbbell is at shoulder level.
  • Pause for a brief moment at the top of the movement, and then slowly lower the dumbbell back down to the starting position.
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions, and then switch arms.

Tips & Tricks

  • Ensure to engage your core and maintain good posture throughout the exercise.
  • Focus on controlling the movement and avoid using momentum to lift the weight.
  • Keep your elbow close to your side and maintain a steady and controlled motion.
  • Choose an appropriate weight that challenges your bicep muscles without compromising form.
  • Perform the exercise in a slow and controlled manner to maximize muscle activation and growth.
  • Add variety by alternating arms during each set to work both sides equally.
  • Consider using a stability ball to add an extra challenge to your core and improve stability.
  • Don't forget to warm up your muscles before performing the exercise to prevent injury.
  • Pair this exercise with other bicep and arm exercises to create a well-rounded workout.
  • Focus on your breathing, exhaling during the concentric phase (lifting) and inhaling during the eccentric phase (lowering).


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