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Lever Single Leg Hip Thrust

Lever Single Leg Hip Thrust

The Lever Single Leg Hip Thrust is a compound exercise that primarily targets the glutes (butt muscles) and hamstrings, while also engaging the core and lower back. This exercise is fantastic for building strength and stability in the hips and improving overall lower body power. It can be performed using a lever machine, which adds resistance to the movement, making it more challenging. The setup for the Lever Single Leg Hip Thrust begins by lying on your back with your feet placed flat on the footrest of the lever machine. One leg should be bent, foot flat on the footrest, and the other leg extended straight in front of you. From this position, you will drive through your heel to lift your hips off the ground, extending your hips until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. The key to executing this exercise effectively is to focus on squeezing your glutes at the top of the movement, ensuring that you are activating those muscles fully. It is important to maintain a controlled tempo throughout the exercise, avoiding any sudden jerking movements. In addition, keep your core engaged and maintain proper alignment of your spine. Incorporating the Lever Single Leg Hip Thrust into your training routine can help enhance your athletic performance, improve balance, and strengthen your lower body. As with any exercise, it is crucial to start with lighter weights or resistance and gradually increase the load as your strength improves. Always listen to your body, and if you experience any pain or discomfort, it's wise to consult with a fitness professional for proper form and modifications. Shoot for around 8-12 repetitions per leg for a good balance of strength and endurance. Get ready to feel the burn and watch your glutes and hamstrings grow stronger with this challenging exercise!


  • Start by sitting on the ground with your back against a bench or step, and place your left foot on the edge of the bench or step.
  • Extend your right leg straight out in front of you.
  • Next, press through your left heel and lift your hips off the ground, squeezing your glutes as you do so.
  • Continue driving through your heel until your left leg is fully extended and your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knee.
  • Once you reach the top position, pause for a moment and squeeze your glutes.
  • Lower your hips back down to the starting position in a controlled manner.
  • Repeat the exercise for the desired number of repetitions before switching to the other side and performing the exercise with your right leg.

Tips & Tricks

  • Engage your core throughout the entire exercise for stability and to protect your lower back.
  • Make sure to keep your shoulders and upper back firmly planted on the ground throughout the movement.
  • Focus on squeezing your glutes at the top of each repetition to maximize the benefits of the exercise.
  • Try to maintain a straight line from your knee to your shoulder throughout the movement.
  • Make sure to drive through your heel to activate your glutes and hamstrings effectively.
  • Start with bodyweight and gradually increase the resistance with a barbell or dumbbell as you get stronger.
  • Control the speed of the movement to ensure proper form and to engage the glutes effectively.
  • Remember to breathe steadily throughout the exercise, exhaling as you raise your hips and inhaling as you lower them.
  • Keep your supporting leg stable and avoid letting it drop or rotate during the movement.
  • Consider performing a glute activation exercise before the lever single leg hip thrust to ensure optimal muscle engagement.

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